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How to Use

There are numerous uses for this funny joke.  When I get bad service at a business they get splatted.  If I totally disagree with some ridiculous bumper sticker, I just show’em how I really feel and put a splat right on the bumper sticker.  It is inevitable when you wash your car that the real birds will find it.  With Bird Splats you can get your friends car when he/she washes it.  If your school’s mascot is a bird you have “(mascot’s name) bombs” ready to get your rivals cars when they come to play.  Bad food at a restaurant, send a splat back on the plate.  Cop give you a traffic ticket. . . you get the picture.  I dare you!  Let your imagination run wild as you think of people and situations to use Bird Splats or Dribble Splats on.

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